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Swimming Pool, Town House

12 months ago

2 years ago

About FILMLOCATIONS.COM.NG  is a marketplace that connect filmmakers to suitable locations for TV, commercial, movies, music video and photography projects.

Securing the right location for a project is mostly not as easy as it seems. A process that should be concluded in minutes could take weeks and if care is not taken, the production could become a nightmare.

To ensure a problem-free filming process, will manage the process end to end; ensuring that the parties involved respect the terms of engagement and work to resolve dispute that might arise.



Our database contains various types of locations; from high-end apartments, old abandoned factories to street side shops. If you do not find what you want on our website, please send us a mail or call +2348140110195 to discuss your unique requirements.


Feel free to connect with the agent associated with any property that interests you. He will Book your order, arrange recce at the locations and take care of the paper works while you focus on creating amazing contents.


Light, Camera, Action.